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Bike Bag

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Get the Ultimate Wolt Food Delivery Bag – designed for bikes and scooters. Perfect if you are looking for a durable and practical solution to food delivery. 

Keep your food at the right temperature with our fully insulated interior, plus a divider inside the bag to separate hot and cold items easily. The built-in can/cup holder ensures that drinks stay upright and secure during deliveries. 

Stay visible and safe on the road with the full reflective front and side reflectors, making you easily noticeable to traffic. 

The bag also features 3 convenient exterior pockets, providing ample storage space for all the essential stuff you need doing deliveries.

    • Width: 38 cm 
    • Depth: 39 cm
    • Height: 41 cm
    • Width: 43 cm 
    • Depth: 43 cm
    • Height: 47 cm